Oracle Exadata

With Trend Import-Export you’ll be able to realize your Oracle Exadata benefits quickly, simply and reliably. Reduce cost, improve performance and simplify maintenance with Oracle Exadata Database Machine, implemented by Trend Import-Export Professionals.

Our Oracle Exadata team can help with:

  • Sizing and planning an Exadata implementation for your organization
  • Implementing and integrating Exadata into your existing environment
  • License consolidation and assessment
  • Performance Tuning and benchmarking
  • Integrating Grid Control with Exadata
  • Database migrations, upgrades and replication
  • Backup and Recovery, Business Continuity and DR
  • Oracle Database Platform Migration (e.g. AIX/Windows-to-Linux)
  • Database Technology Vendor Migration (e.g. DB2/MS-SQL-to-Oracle)