Universal Banking Solution

A highly adaptive and scalable universal banking solution

Banking today is being redefined like never before. Be it lending, payments, trade execution, or clearing and settlement–-the rules of the game continue to change dramatically for retail and investment banks. Digital disruptors such as fintech startups are aggressively leveraging Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain, and are making their presence felt in a hypercompetitive marketplace. Sustaining profitability in such an environment requires your bank to simultaneously boost operational efficiency, diversify revenue streams, and offer a distinctly superior omni-channel customer experience across the entire universal banking value chain.

TCS BaNCS for Universal Banking, a suite of next-generation components, spans the entire range of services, including core banking, treasury, wealth management, risk and compliance, payments, custody, clearing and settlement, and reconciliations.

It can help your bank effectively manage the end-to-end customer lifecycle, from origination to servicing. Our solution provides superior customer experience to end customers and business users with high STP rates, while also laying the foundation for a full Digital Bank.