Global Risk Management

The Global Risk Management solution from TCS BaNCS, a service-oriented and high performance 24/7 credit risk platform, is a 360° approach to successful credit risk management.

Plagued by uncertainty in global financial markets and increased competition, it is imperative for banks today to confront various challenges while answering the following questions:

This credit risk solution provides:

  • A single source of cleansed counterparty risk data
  • A reliable, verifiable and transparent view of credit risk data across source systems and trading platforms
  • An integrated feature-rich UI platform for timely and continuous credit risk management and oversight over all risk parameters
  • Collateral management facilities at counterparty, facility and trade levels
  • Fully digitized and integrated credit workflows implementing delegated lending authorities (DLA)
  • Improvements in operational efficiencies through SLA-based workflow management and related MI reporting
  • Systematic portfolio monitoring for covenants and excess utilizations
  • Extensive audit and historic data capabilities aiding SOX compliance
  • In-built adaptors and diverse technology agnostic protocol handlers for easy integration with legacy risk infrastructure, analytical engines and market data providers