Core Banking Solution

Transforming the core of your business

TCS BaNCS for Core Banking is a solution that can help your bank develop a customer-centric business model, simplify operations, enable innovation and manage risk and compliance effectively. Comprising loans, deposits, wealth management, digital channels and risk and compliance components, it is a solution of choice for more than 300 banks worldwide. It has been recognized by leading industry analysts for its broad and deep functionality, flexibility, viability and operational performance.

TCS BaNCS for Core Banking is built on a modern, flexible, component based architecture, and integrates deposits and loans on a single system. With TCS BaNCS, banks can benefit from:

  • Scalability – The solution has successfully been benchmarked to handle 1 billion deposit and loan accounts with peak throughput of over 17,000 TPS.
  • Agility – It can be deployed as is or in combination with any of TCS BaNCS or third-party front, middle, or back-end applications, delivering increased agility to a bank’s business operations.
  • Integration – Designed on Java, TCS BaNCS is built with the SOA-based architecture where all the business operations are available as services for external consumption. TCS BaNCS also has an integration layer which handles all aspects of integration including routing, transformation and validation.