The Compliance solution from TCS BaNCS is a proactive, web-based, enterprise-wide solution for monitoring money-laundering activities across various business lines such as retail banking, corporate banking, investment banking, cards and insurance. The solution is unique because it:

  • Complies with all AML regulation requirements across the globe to help banks in any geography
  • Is a highly configurable and intelligent solution with in-built detection mechanisms which can track and sift out fraudulent transactions with clinical accuracy
  • Uses artificial intelligence for character profiling, which is then used to detect anomalies from the expected behavior of the customer

The Compliance solution has the following features and benefits:

  • Watch-list scanning
  • KYC / customer due diligence
  • Customer profiling
  • Configuration of business monitors (rules) and administrative roles
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Alert generation
  • Alert investigation
  • Regulatory and ad-hoc report generation